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Q. How does an online speech therapy session work?

A. Online speech therapy sessions are very similar to traditional speech therapy sessions except instead of a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) or Occupational Therapist (OT) sitting in the same room, students and their therapist interact via live videoconferencing. SLPs and OTs work with kids face-to-face in real time, using established best practices and assisted by PresenceLearning’s best-in-class online therapy tools. PresenceLearning handles recruitment and management of SLPs and OTs, and ensures that they are properly licensed and/or credentialed in the school district’s state.

PresenceLearning makes sure that SLPs and OTs are available when needed and take care of session scheduling. The school district provides an onsite paraprofessional to facilitate logistics and other needs during therapy sessions.

Q. How are children and their online therapist(s) supervised?

A. An onsite paraprofessional (or a parent/learning coach for virtual school students) handles in-person supervision and any hands-on requirements. PresenceLearning helps train these key team members and coordinates with them regularly.

Q: Are online therapy sessions monitored for auditing and quality control purposes?

Yes. All sessions are automatically sampled and recorded by the PresenceLearning software. In addition, PresenceLearning supervisors can live-audit sessions to monitor quality.

Q: How many children can participate in a session? Do you offer group sessions?

A. Two children can share a single computer for a session led by a single remote SLP (speech language pathologist) or OT (occupational therapist). In addition, multipoint videoconferencing allows kids to participate from separate locations.

Q. Is live online speech therapy or online occupational therapy appropriate for all conditions?

A. It’s appropriate and beneficial in the majority of situations. In some cases, children may be better served by traditional in-person therapy—for example, children with significant behavioral or cognitive issues that prevent them from using a computer.

Q. How do I get all the required equipment?

A. PresenceLearning will send you equipment prior to your first session or assessment. There will be instructions in the equipment package on how to set up and schedule a Tech Check.

Q. What are the payment options?

A. We will send a contract to review and sign after the initial number of hours purchased has been established. Payments occur via PayPal, and can be made via credit/debit card, or through your pre-existing PayPal account.

Q. Will you send billing information to insurance companies?

A. While we will not send billing information directly to insurance companies, we will provide you with the appropriate “superbill” to submit for reimbursement.