Why PresenceLearning?

Since 2009, PresenceLearning has established a nationwide network of hundreds of fully qualified SLPs and other related services professionals available live and online to serve your students 1:1 or in small groups. Our licensed online professionals deliver therapy as prescribed on IEPs, and can even provide full case management including doing comprehensive evaluations, writing IEP goals and reports, and attending meetings with students’ support teams.

Online speech therapy from PresenceLearning will enable your school district or education agency to:

  • Improve outcomes: Online therapy is proven to be as effective as—or better than—in-person therapy
  • Expand clinical capacity: “Anytime, anywhere” access to licensed, credentialed clinicians
  • Improve staff schedules and efficiency: Schedule times that work for everyone
  • Save time and budget: Districts no longer have to recruit, screen, contract, train, and manage SLPs, pay transportation expenses, or find replacements when SLPs are absent, on leave or no longer with the district
  • Gain insight: Real-time monitoring of progress on IEP/504 goals

How does online speech therapy work?

Using the same evidence-based techniques as on-site clinicians, licensed PresenceLearning clinicians use our secure, web-based therapy platform to deliver therapy sessions and manage student cases. All that’s required is a computer with an Internet connection, a webcam, and an audio headset. PresenceLearning provides the required webcam(s) and headset(s) plus the support to make sure everything works smoothly.

What does research say?

Click here for a research summary for Online Speech-Language Therapy.

What do school leaders say?

During the time we have had this model in place, we have found that many of our students are highly receptive to online therapy.This model allows us to serve each child’s individual need, which is the paramount purpose of the IEP. Additionally, we have had quick turn-around time with assessments and testing.

Executive Director of Special Programs at a 5,000-student school district in OR

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An assistant principal at an elementary school in one of the largest urban school districts
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