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It’s day 11 of our “12 Days of Speech” activities campaign and the alien’s are coming! Help your child learn the differences and similarities between words while saving the world from an alien’s attack!

Grade Levels: K-3rd Grade

What You Need: Alien’s Attack! Card Deck (Download here)

How to Play:

  • There are 40 aliens coming down to earth. To stop them, stack the cards face down, then take turns with your child reciting the similarities and differences between the two words on the alien’s card.
  • In the deck, make sure to hide some of the penalty cards. According to Jenn of Crazy Speech World, this always adds some pizzazz to the game.
  • The one with the most cards wins!
  • Have fun!

Blogger Spotlight: Crazy Speech World

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SLPs are some of the most vibrant and enthusiastic people out there and Jenn of Crazy Speech World is no different. With the great name of her blog to her activity freebies, there is so much too look forward to so make sure to check Crazy Speech World out!

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Source: Crazy Speech Word

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