12 Days of Speech! Day 12: Write Your “12 Days of Speech” Song!

Speech Therapy Activities

Wow. We can’t believe it is the final day of our “12 Days of Speech” activities campaign. We hope you and your kids have had as much as fun we had. For the day 12 of our “12 Days of Speech”, it is only fitting that we wrap things up with this fun activity that will help your child bring our their inner-Beethoven. 

Grade Level: K- 2nd Grade

What You Need: 12 Days of Speech Song Sheet (Download here)

*Parents, although the song sheet says “speech class” and “teacher”, don’t fret. Feel free to make your own by simply copying the document into word.

How to Play:

  • First choose which speech sounds (i.e. /s/, /r/, /l/, and /k/)  you want your child practice.
  • Once you decide, you can either fill it in for your child or have them help fill in the sheet with you. For example, on the first day of speech class, my teacher gave to me, a robin in a red tree.
  • Now it’s time for your child or student to recite each sentence. As your child recites each line, he or she will add another day’s items, plus the ones previously named.
  • Have fun!

Speech Therapy Site Spotlight: Speech Therapy Ideas

Speech Therapy Ideas is one of the largest resources for speech therapy activities for parents and SLPs. The site was founded by Becky Wanca,M.S., CCC-SLP who has been a SLP for 14 years.

Thank you! To all the parents, SLPeeps, SLP bloggers and everyone who have kept up with our “12 Days of Speech” activities campaign! We hope you all have enjoyed the fun and look forward to what’s coming next here at PresenceLearning. Please let us know what was your favorite “12 Days of Speech” activity in the comments below.