12 Days of Speech! Day 3: Sort the Ornaments!

12 Days of Speech! Day 3: Sort the Ornaments!

For Day 3 of our “12 Days of Speech” we have a fun activity that will help your child learn basic decoding while helping you clean up your Christmas tree.

This activity was created for students to work on basic decoding in addition to practicing their articulation sounds. It was made specifically for kids that have a lateral lisp and it is impacting their reading skills.

Therefore, basic CVC or CCVC words with /s/, /sh/, or /ch/ are positioned on the ornaments. They have to first work on decoding the words, then use the correct articulation and lastly sort them on to the appropriate tree by sound.

Grade Levels: 1st – 5th Grades

What You Need:

  • Ornament Sort Sheets (Download here)


  • Step 1: Let your child know that the slashes around the letter in the stars on top of the trees (i.e.: /s/) means that we are listening for that sound, not necessarily the letter. This starts to make sense especially with /sh/ and /ch/ since some kids have trouble saying the sound they look like.
  • Step 2: Let your child know you want them to first blend the word to figure out what it says and when they repeat the word after reading it, that is when you and your child can work on proper tongue placement.
  • Step 3: Discuss how all the words are CVC or CCVC therefore they are short vowel sounds and we review what the short vowel’s sound like.

Remember we are only on Day 3 of our “12 Days of Speech” which means there are more activities to come! Let us know what you think of these activities in the comments below. 

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