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Even though it’s still snowing and hot cocoa weather is still strong, it is never to early to start a countdown for summer vacation. With this fun activity, you and your child can learn what to pack for the perfect trip while practicing /S/ sounds. Enjoy!

Grade Levels: Pre-K – 3rd Grades

What You Need:

  • /S/ Clusters Sheet(Download here)

How to Play:

  • Have your child say each word emphasizing the /S/ sounds
  • Once your child is comfortable, have her use each word in a sentence.
  • Have fun!

Blogger Spotlight: Live Speak Love

Live Speak Love

Lisa M. Geary, MS, CCC-SLP runs the fantastic website, Live Speak Love, LLC and her blog is a fantastic read for parents and SLPs alike. She has everything from activities for young kids to insight in her work that many will find enjoyable and enlightening to read.

Remember we are on Day 8 of our “12 Days of Speech” campaign which means there are more activities to come! Let us know what you think of these activities in the comments below. 

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Source: Live Speak Love


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