3 Things to Buy on Black Friday To Boost Speech Therapy Treatment

Speech Therapy Black Friday
Image via Digital Trends

With “Black Friday” coming up after Thanksgiving, many stores offering discounts on products ranging from 10% to 50% off.

For SLPs and parents, this can be a great opportunity to purchase some items to help your child or student get the most out of speech therapy.

Here are the top 3 speech therapy tools to buy on “Black Friday”:


Recently, a SLP working with us shared the importance of headsets for students in speech therapy. Headsets allow students to hear their articulation errors and are a key communication tool for online speech therapy. Headsets come in different versions from wireless and wired but the important factor is that a headset comes with a microphone appropriate for speech recognition.

iPad (2 or Mini)

The iPad Mini just came out … so the chances of grabbing one at a discount is slim. However, the iPad 2, the oldest model available, is being sold at stores such as Best Buy and Walmart at a deep discount. Also, if you are a traveling SLP, consider checking out iPad data plans from mobile carriers partaking in “Black Friday” deals.

Office & School Supplies

From slant boards to ziplock bags, it’s the small things that come with speech therapy for students in assisted learning that can add up to big costs. Make sure as you check out large ticket items, you look for small items that people rarely think about as “Black Friday” is known for deals of plasma TVs and Macbook pros. To learn more about what you need to build a comprehensive toolkit for Assistive Technology learning, watch a past SPEDAhead webinar.

Lastly, make sure you stay safe this “Black Friday” and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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