Four Ways Parents Can Teach Through School Holidays

Four Ways Parents Can Teach Through School HolidaysIt’s what every parent dreads. Furlough days. “Teacher In Service Days”. Regardless of what they are called, these are days where you are asked to keep your special needs child at home for most or all of the day.

Special needs children need a consistent schedule and explaining why your child cannot go to school on any given day during the week can be a challenge. Equally challenging: figuring out how to use the extra time you will spend together, so its time well spent.


Here are 4 ways parents can help their child learn at home:

Talk to Your Child
Most parents think they do this, but in most cases, conversations with child turn into mini-lectures that bore them. Start by asking simple questions about their lives to gauge their interests, dreams and passions. Be prepared at some point for your child to clam up. Clamming up is a signal that’s it’s time for you as a parent to shift gears to a new topic or activity for you two to engage in.

Practice “de-schooling”
Help your child free up large blocks of time. Depending on their age, aim for them each to have a full day and four full evenings each week with no commitments. This gives them to relax, explore and start discovering their deepest interests.

Use Material from Conversations for Bonding Activities
Brainstorm together about activities he or she might like that you will permit and support. Keep your offers realistic.

Support Emerging Interests and Watch for New Ones
As years go by, the self-discovery process helps your child know herself, explore the full breadth of her talents and blossom.

If you worry you’re not doing enough at home to keep your child on track with speech therapy, consider live online speech therapy where SLPs and professionals do not follow the academic calendar, but a schedule that fits your child’s needs.

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Source: Bay Area Parent