A Look at Language Skills

A recent article on WebMD points to testosterone as the potential reason why males develop language skills later than girls. By testing the testosterone levels from the umbilical cord blood of almost 900 newborns, it was determined that newborn males were exposed to ten times the amount of testosterone than newborn girls. The study checked the developmental stages of those 900 newborns every year for their first three years of life. According to the article, the findings stated that 3-year-old boys with the highest umbilical cord blood testosterone levels were more than twice as likely to screen positive for a language delay than the boys with the lowest testosterone levels. An interesting finding in the study was that higher testosterone levels in girls linked to a lower risk of language delay.

To read more visit: https://www.webmd.com/parenting/baby/news/20120125/testosterone-may-delay-boys-speech-development

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