A Poem About Stuttering

We encountered the following poem about stuttering on the The Stuttering Student blog and wanted to share. We hope that you are as touched as we were by its poignant message.

Speech impediment, walking around as this world wide idiot.
Sharing, talking and flowing, oh how I can only wish.
These teeth, tongue and lips,
I would be more than happy if I all I had were a leisp.
Red light, stop. Yellow light, stop. Green light; yeah right!
Crying inside and I hurt so much, nothing in me to aid as a crutch.
I talk then I mumble and I crash then I crumble.
Stuttering not words, but these thoughts and my feelings.
These walls I’m climbing and my skin I’m peeling.
I wish I can speak, instead I am left to seek.
No answers to behold and no courage to feel bold.
What did I say? What did you hear?
Have no fears for I am used to these tears.
My pride is in me, my pride is this…
no matter how grim it gets,
I will not give up in this darkened abyss.


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