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PresenceLearning is the leading provider of live online special education related services to K-12 schools nationwide.

Direct Services: Live online therapy and assessments delivered by our network of more than 1,000 licensed clinicians.

Core Service Areas: Speech-language pathology, occupational therapy, behavioral and mental health services, and psychoeducational assessments.

School Team Support: Professional development and online platform access and support for school SPED teams to conduct their own online services for students.

We partner with schools to expand their capacity to serve all students with IEPs or behavioral and mental health needs. Our full suite of services includes individual and small group therapy, assessments, caseload management, IEP development and meetings, family resources, and more–all backed by a team of clinical experts to ensure the highest levels of service and clinical care.

All PresenceLearning services are delivered on our award-winning teletherapy platform, designed by clinicians for clinicians, specifically to serve K-12 students with special needs. Our proprietary platform integrates traditional therapy materials–assessments, class assignments, games, and more–with a unique video conferencing experience where clinicians can view students from multiple angles and manage interactions. With a content library of more than 100,000 worksheets and activities, clinicians can customize therapy to meet students’ goals and interests.

Our Telehealth Institute and live online Teletherapy 101 and Tele-Assessment 101 training programs prepare school-based teams to effectively deliver their own services online–on the PresenceLearning platform–so they can continue to serve their students at home through school closures.

Kate Eberle Walker

A Message from our CEO

“Our mission at PresenceLearning is to be sure that all students in the public education system who require support get the services they need and are entitled to. As the number of these students continues to grow, schools are really struggling to ensure their students are receiving the services they deserve. We partner with districts of all types and sizes to understand their situation and match the best qualified experts to each student’s unique needs. In doing this, we are providing therapy to tens of thousands of students who otherwise wouldn’t be getting the services they need to thrive and be successful in life.”

Kate Eberle Walker, CEO

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Special Education Services for K-12 Schools

Teletherapy and Tele-assessment services, training and resources designed by clinical experts

Live Online Services
Support for School SPED Teams

Speech-Language Therapy and Assessments

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Our online speech-language therapy services include fluency, intelligibility, pragmatics, reading comprehension, expressive and receptive language, speech sound production, voice disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

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Psychoeducational Assessments

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Our psychologists provide online psychoeducational evaluations using a battery of assessments from Riverside Publishing, Pearson, Pro-Ed, and others. PresenceLearning has the exclusive online rights to the Woodcock-Johnson IV and Reynolds Intellectual Assessment Scales assessments.

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Behavioral & Mental Health Services

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Our school psychologists and licensed clinical social workers provide students with pre-referral behavior interventions, mental health services, and psychoeducational assessments—all online.

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Occupational Therapy and Assessments

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Our online occupational therapists treat fine motor skills/handwriting, visual motor skills, sensory integration/dysfunction, and school-related self-care tasks.

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Professional Development

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Live online training and recurring office hours with PresenceLearning clinical experts, and access to proprietary Telehealth Institute self-guided training modules

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Teletherapy Platform Access

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Access to PresenceLearning's award-winning, FERPA/HIPAA compliant platform designed by clinicians for clinicians specifically to serve K-12 students with special needs

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