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Why You Should Join Our Team

We provide a positive and equitable workplace where employees develop their careers and make an impact in the world. As the leading provider of therapy tools and live, online special education related services and behavioral and mental health services for schools and clinicians, PresenceLearning is dedicated to helping students with special needs grow and thrive. 

As a remote-first organization, the company believes that remote solutions support flexible, sustainable, and inclusive work environments that draw together talented employees from across the country with a breadth of skills and backgrounds. We are honored to be Certified™ by Great Place to Work®, an award based on what current employees say about their experiences working at PresenceLearning.

Career Paths

We partner with schools in two ways, which opens up two career paths at PresenceLearning:

Clinical Team

Our network of more than 1,500 licensed clinicians spans the country and serves students through teletherapy, wherever they are. We also train school-based teams on the effective delivery of teletherapy so they can serve their own students remotely.

Corporate Team

Our corporate team consists of employees throughout the country who work together according to our business lines. The company’s headquarters are based in New York City, but many employees work remotely in various regions of the United States.

Our Work

Whether you join us as a licensed clinician serving students or in a corporate role, you will be working with bright, energetic people who are working hard to create greater equity and access for students and make a lasting impact in the world. Our work together is centered on PresenceLearning’s award-winning, proprietary teletherapy platform, built by clinicians for clinicians, specifically to serve preK-12 students with special needs.

Learn more about why more schools choose PresenceLearning’s platform and services.

Headshot of Kate Eberle Walker

“We are people-centered in the care that we provide through our therapy work with students, and in the positive working environment we create for our employees. We embrace diverse hiring practices, cultivating a culture of belonging, and nurturing the multitude of perspectives that drive innovation. Our employees collectively define our company.”

Kate Eberle Walker, CEO, PresenceLearning

Core Values

We care.

We’re here because we care about helping kids. We care about the quality of our work because those kids are counting on us, and every job at PresenceLearning plays a part.

We learn.

Everyone has something to teach and something to learn. We value diversity of opinions and perspectives and build a better company by listening and learning. If we don’t know an answer, we think it through, we ask, we involve others, and we solve it.

We help.

No one works in isolation-we help each other. Managers support their teams, colleagues support their peers. Each of us is thoughtful about how we can do something to make things better for someone else.

We strive.

We ask how things can be better rather than accepting limits or assuming things can’t change. We push boundaries through clinical and technical innovation. We envision what would be amazing and then strive to make that happen.

Grow Your Career

Independent Contractor Opportunities for SLPs, OTs, School Psychologists, and School Social Workers

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Full-Time Positions in Product Development, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Support, and Administration

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Here’s what some of our employees have to say!

I love working at PresenceLearning because of the difference we make in children’s lives. As someone who grew up with a speech impediment, PresenceLearning’s mission is especially close to my heart. I often hear stories from our school partners and providers about how much students improve after receiving our services. Those stories motivate me to continue working hard on behalf of those kiddos!

Jared Willis

PresenceLearning has supported my journey and career growth since I started as a Provider in 2011. After becoming a Lead Provider that year, I joined the company full time as a Clinical Outreach Manager in 2020. In making this move, I am excited to leverage my clinical expertise supporting our network of providers in their own growth and development-and to continue helping kiddos reach their full potential!

Gila Cohen-Shaw

There are many reasons why I love working at PresenceLearning! Not only do we provide much needed services to students, we also provide a flexible workplace for our clinical providers. And, another huge reason is our team! PresenceLearning people are the hardest working, smartest, and most compassionate group-all working together towards a common goal to ensure that all students get the services they need.

Tio Samranjit

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