Advancements in Speech Language Pathology

The advent of modern technology has led to recent breakthroughs in the research and treatment of speech disorders. Speech and language conditions are normally the result of an injury, head trauma, developmental delays, injury, emotional issues, and brain conditions. A recent article posted on, highlights a variety of recent advancements in the treatment of these conditions which have been proven to enhance and improve a patient’s rehabilitation progress.

Cutting-edge medical procedures have also resulted in an increase in the number of lives being saved after traumatic accidents and health conditions such as strokes. This is has led to a greater need for speech language pathologists given that their are more recovering patients who need speech therapy as part of their rehabilitative process. At Presence TeleCare, we believe that the combination of recent advancements in technology especially in internet video conferencing and the increased need for SLP services will make speech therapy via telepractice a key component to the future of speech pathology.

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