Alexis Wineman: The First Miss America With Autism?

Miss America Autism Alexis Wineman

Last June, Alexis Wineman was crowned Miss Montana becoming the first person on the autism spectrum to claim the title. This Saturday, January 12, Alexis will travel to Las Vegas to compete for the national Miss America crown.

It was only 7 years ago, when Alexis was 11 years-old that she was diagnosed with autism. Rather than settling with her diagnosis, Alexis, with encouragement from her family, broke out of the mold and engaged in school activities. When Wineman joined the cheerleading squad, she ultimately became team captain and appeared with the squad in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Now less than four months into her term as Miss Montana, Wineman and her mother have already put 7,000 miles on their car traversing the state to present her platform — “Normal is Just a Dryer Setting‚ Living with Autism” — at schools, hospitals, conferences and parades.

“It’s amazing how people don’t accept other people just because they’re different. Being different is not something to look down on, but to be embraced,” Wineman said. “People need to understand. I want to talk to kids with autism too and share with them that it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

Make sure to tune in to ABC on January 12, 2013 9:00PM EST to see if Alexis Wineman will become the first Miss America with autism. 

Source: Disability Scoop