Americans Say Special Education Programs Shouldn’t Face Cuts

Special Education Programs Federal CutsIn a recent poll of 1,000 adults across on the country about their views on education, 57% said “it’s very important” that Congress protects funds for programs serving students with disabilities.

In comparison to prekindergarten, college financial aid and programs helping school districts with large numbers of students living in poverty, special education programs surpassed all these other education programs with an astounding amount of public support.  The poll was conducted on behalf of the Committee for Education Funding and the Foundation for Education Investment.

This January, the White House estimates that special education programs are estimated to lose more than $1 billion under a plan set in place after lawmakers failed to reach a budget deal last year.

For parents, this means there may be a time when you question your child’s school’s ability to provide proper special education services. Now is time for parents to weight out different special education options besides traditional school. These options may not only have more resources to help your child but an option such as live online speech therapy can allow you to be part of your child’s learning experience.

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Source: Disability Scoop