Annie Glenn, John Glenn’s Wife, Says “Life is Beautiful” after Speech Therapy

John Glenn

Here is a video clip of Annie and John Glenn discussing the miraculous improvement in Annie’s speech difficulties after HCRI therapy. Prior to HCRI therapy, Annie had stuttering problems and felt reluctant to call friends and family or even to go shopping for fear of not being able to communicate with store clerks. After stuttering therapy though, John happily recalls that Annie’s social life “blossomed” and she was able to actively participate in women’s organizations and help him campaign for Senate reelections. Part of the reason HCRI’s stuttering therapy is so effective is that it utilizes electronics and computer-based technology to help stutterers achieve fluency. The HCRI uses computer-based training techniques to track performance and measure speech muscle use in real-time, signaling to clients whether or not they are using their muscles correctly. In addition, clients get three months of free access to FluencyNet, HCRI’s internet-based home practice system. This web platform allows clients like Annie Glenn to maintain speech fluency long after the HCRI on-site therapy program has ended. The success of the Hollins Fluency Program reveals how computer and web-based technology can greatly aid sufferers of stuttering problems.

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