ASHA Convention 2009

ASHA Convention 2009We’re excited to head down to New Orleans this week for the 2009 American Speech-Language Hearing Association‘s  Annual Convention. Telepractice is featured as one of the top issues at this year’s conference and we are looking forward to exchanging our ideas and research with some of the top speech-language patholgists in the country. These past few weeks have been a mad dash in preparation for the convention but now that it is finally upon us we could not be more excited to share our work on telepractice with the other ASHA attendees.

The 2009 convention theme, “Two Professions: Powerfurl Partners”, is a reminder that the 10,000 speech-language pathologists, audiologists, researchers and professors in New Orleans are collectively working on the advancement of our profession and the therapy we provide. What a humbling thought. For more information on this year’s convention click here and if you happen to see a Presence TeleCare name tag don’t be afraid to say hi.

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