ASHA Releases Video on Telespeech Services

Here is a link to an official ASHA video on the benefits of telespeech services to patients with speech difficulties.

The video claims that SLPs can offer quality treatment to anyone in almost any location through telepractice.  Amy Georgeadis, a researcher at the National Rehabilitation Hospital, says that patients’ responses have been very positive and that SLPs have been able to build rapport with their patients.

Georgeadis excitedly admits that she loves to see her patients interact with telespeech technology—even those that had no computer experience prior to using telespeech services had no trouble becoming comfortable with the technology.

Daniel Mott, the husband of a telepractice-user, raved about his wife’s experience; he said that his wife appreciated the opportunity of receiving therapy at home in an intimate environment in a way that was not intimidating.

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