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12 Days of Speech! Day 4: Get Green Lantern the Ring of Power!

It’s Day 4 of our “12 Days of Speech” activities campaign  and we have a fun one! Whether your child is a fan of the Green Lantern (or you or your spouse is a fan of Ryan Reynolds) this game of minimal pairs will be entertaining to say the least. Grade Levels: Pre-K – 3rd

12 Days of Speech! Day 3: Sort the Ornaments!

For Day 3 of our “12 Days of Speech” we have a fun activity that will help your child learn basic decoding while helping you clean up your Christmas tree. This activity was created for students to work on basic decoding in addition to practicing their articulation sounds. It was made specifically for kids that

12 Days of Speech! Day 2: Help Santa Get to His Sleigh!

It’s the night of Christmas and Santa needs your help to go his sleigh by answering some fun wh- questions. Parents, lead your child along this great board game from Speech Time Fun!          What You Need:  Wh-Questions Christmas Board! (It’s a google doc) Directions:  This game is very simple! Start at

12 Days of Speech! Day 1: Spin the Christmas Wheel!

Today is the first day of our “12 Days of Speech” event where for the next 12 days we will be uploading our favorite speech therapy activities that parents can do with their kids during their break from school. Along the way, we will be spotlighting some our favorite SLP and mommy bloggers. Be sure

Turn Your Home into a Classroom for the Holidays

Whether your child is preparing for a 3-week vacation from school or new to live online speech therapy, your home must not only act as a comfort zone but a classroom. With the holidays coming up, the challenge of keeping your child learning is very important, especially if they are in speech therapy. Consistency is

5 Tips for a Successful Parent-Teacher Conference

Parent-Teacher conferences are often the first chance parents and teachers have to sit down and discuss goals and objectives for the school year. The following tips from CNN’s Schools of Thought blog will help you establish a working relationship with your child’s teacher. 1. Come Prepared Parents and teachers should go into the conference prepared.

Americans Say Special Education Programs Shouldn’t Face Cuts

In a recent poll of 1,000 adults across on the country about their views on education, 57% said “it’s very important” that Congress protects funds for programs serving students with disabilities. In comparison to prekindergarten, college financial aid and programs helping school districts with large numbers of students living in poverty, special education programs surpassed

Has Your Child Reached Any IEP Milestones?

The first half of the school year is coming to an end. As a parent of a student with learning disabilities, your first concern may be to check on child’s progress in special education. For example, if your child is in speech therapy, has their been improvement in their articulation? One way for parents to

The Nurturing Mom Versus The Strict Dad

When it comes to raising a child with disabilities, the parenting style that a mom or dad adopts is key, according to a new study. Last month, a new studying on parenting released by Brigham Young University reported that a child with disabilities raised by a positive parent is more likely to be independent and

Co-teaching and Collaborating

The recent US News & World Report article “Two High School Teachers May Be Better Than One” explores the world of co-teaching in today’s classroom. Susan Fitzell, an education consultant, says the key to success is in the implementation. In order to co-teach effectively, both teachers must interact with students in small groups to ensure