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15 Tips to Help Your Child Transition from Middle School to High School

High school is a completely different ball game compared to elementary and middle school. At this point in their lives, children are becoming teenagers and want independence and control over their time, especially time spent outside of school. If your child has special needs, the challenges may be different.  Help your teenager focus on first

3 Reasons Why After School Activities Should Be Like The Olympics & Paralympics

Did your household follow the Olympics or Paralympics this summer?  At this year’s events — one got the sense that athletes with special needs had a choice.  They could train and compete in the regular Olympics like Oscar Pistorius or train and compete in the Paralympics like Tommy Des Brisay.  And London – this year’s

Have You Considered All The Education Options for Your Child with Special Needs?

With a new school year approaching, it has been reported that more students with special needs are choosing to stay in public schools.  This increases the financial burden on school districts to meet demand and provide services to kids with special needs. With federal funding only able to cover a fraction of costs of special

Charter School Online Speech Therapy Gains Momentum

Last November, PresenceLearning was adopted by charter school organizations such as Thomas Edison and Ballington Academy to deliver speech-language therapy services to their special needs students. Since then, public schools have opted to continue to handle the disproportionate costs of educating children with special needs while many charter schools have realized that there many benefits