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Special Ed Teletherapy Provider PresenceLearning Gets a $27 Million Boost

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, By Aaron Cotton

Speech and other special-education professionals were already in short supply even when classes were in session. Now, with students largely confined to homes, reaching learners who need extra support has become even more of a challenge and priority for school leaders.

Long before the pandemic forced schools to close, though, districts have been turning to online companies to fill staffing shortages. One such provider is PresenceLearning, which has facilitated more than 2.5 million “teletherapy” sessions since the company started in 2009.

Once used mostly by tech-savvy school districts, demand for its platform has accelerated as remote instruction has become a reality, according to Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning. And the New York-based company is also getting a timely boost in the form of a $27 million Series D fundraising round.

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