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Video Story: Central Kansas Cooperative in Education

July 22, 2021, By Jenny Barker

Reaching Students in a “Different Way” with Online Therapy

July 22, 2021, By Jenny Barker, Editorial Director

Central Kansas Cooperative in Education (CKCE) covers 3,000 square miles in rural America. Time is extremely important, and budgets are tight. Ensuring that more students get services and that staff time is being used wisely are leading concerns.

The Cooperative needed to reach their students in “a different way,” and online therapy or the ability to conduct “teletherapy” through a platform was a key piece in solving the complex puzzle that is education today. It enabled them to diversify services to meet the needs of students, to design for today’s workforce, and to integrate technology support into the classroom. These are essential to the future, and they are essential to preparing today’s students for a complex world and digital age.

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Watch our new video, “Reaching Students in a ‘Different Way’ with Online Therapy,” and hear what Central Kansas Cooperative in Education’s school team has to say about how an innovative approach to therapy has changed the school experience for staff and students alike.

“The PresenceLearning platform enables me to reach more students than I would otherwise be able to. I have cut way back on my clinicians’ windshield time so they can spend more time serving students and less time driving. And, I have been able to retain two clinicians who needed to move out of the district for personal reasons—they now use the PresenceLearning platform to continue to work with our students,” said Mike Lowers, executive director, Central Kansas Cooperative in Education.

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