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PresenceLearning Recognizes 12 Educational Organizations with its 4th Annual Awards of Excellence

Schools, districts, and service agencies nationwide honored for their standout use of online therapy, organizational leadership, and improved student outcomes SAN FRANCISCO, September 26, 2017 – PresenceLearning, the leading telehealth network of live, online special education related service providers, has recognized 12 educational organizations nationwide as winners in their 4th annual Awards of Excellence. Throughout

Recovering From a Life-Changing Incident and Becoming a Role Model

The following is a guest blog post by Irazu Rodriguez, a senior at Synergy Quantum Academy in Los Angeles, California. Following a brain aneurism in the summer of 2012, Irazu faced months of rehabilitation and healing. She worked online with a PresenceLearning speech-language pathologist (SLP) during her junior and senior years to help recover her speech. After tremendously hard

Blended Learning According to Education Visionary Tom Vander Ark

Evidence supporting blended learning is ensuring that it is here to stay. At the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools Conference earlier this month, Tom Vander Ark of Getting Smart presented his recent report, “Blended Learning Implementation Guide.” For a comprehensive look at the report, click here.  Below are a few key points from his

Providing for Students with Special Needs in Charter Schools

With the number of charter schools in the United States increasing every year, it is becoming ever more important that there is a standard for providing special education services to students with special needs. Charter schools can successfully achieve this by utilizing a blended learning model that includes the proper combination of planning, technology and

RECAP: Online Occupational Therapy – Really? [WEBINAR]

This past Tuesday, we hosted our first SPED Ahead webinar of the month, and it was a blast! Not only did hit capacity (don’t worry – if you signed up but weren’t able to make it, you will be receiving a recording in your inbox) , but we received great feedback and questions from attendees.

Why More Schools Should Adopt Online Occupational Therapy

Online occupational therapy opens up opportunities for K-12 schools to overcome the shortage of occupational therapists while providing quality treatment for students. However, many K-12 schools continue to question the impact of online occupational therapy. To address these concerns, Dr. Rondalyn Whitney sat down with me for a brief Q&A where we discussed the common