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Don’t take our word for it.
See what our SLPs have to say about teletherapy!

Don’t take our word for it. See what our SLPs have to say about teletherapy!

Join the leading teletherapy network and take back control of your career and life.


Teletherapy brought me back to my love of speech therapy and serving students.

Barely four years into my career as a speech language therapist, I was certain I’d made a terrible decision. My high workload combined with the low level of support left me feeling exhausted and unhappy. Then I found PresenceLearning, and took back control of my career and life! The best part of teletherapy is that I am in control of my workload and schedule, so I can focus on my students and doing the work I love. I can provide intervention in a way that is both effective and fun for the kids and for me!


Teletherapy cured my burnout.

I love working for PL as it has helped me to achieve the life-work balance that I’ve been looking for. I’ve grown as a clinician through the use of technology and have developed some close friendships. As a teletherapist, I can stay in the career I love, while still being there for my family. My son loves that I can be at the bus stop with him each morning and wait for him in the afternoon. My time as a teletherapist has been refreshing because it is a new setting and I can use different therapy tools.


I love that I can work from home with teletherapy.

I have been a speech therapist for over 20 years and I have worked in various areas. When I had my first child and had to leave the house to go to work, it really broke my heart every day. So, after one year, I decided to try teletherapy. I felt so much better working from home and knowing she was cared for close to me. The transition to work after maternity leave with my second child was a lot easier! I could just go downstairs, kiss my baby, and quickly get back to work. However, if I am honest, I never thought I was going to love teletherapy this much! I feel so confident with what I do, and how we work with the students. It has made me be more creative in my sessions, and I feel so much more productive at work and with my family! If you are looking for a flexible schedule, engaging with a wide variety of students, and you love working from home, then teletherapy is for you!


I don’t just have a job—I can continue to pursue my passion!

After working here at PresenceLearning, I have learned that I can also work with as many populations as I like. One area of strength for me in the medical field was working with pediatric patients who had experienced traumatic brain injuries (TBI). PresenceLearning was also able to provide me those opportunities—each time there’s a site with a student who has endured a TBI, I have been included to provide an assessment and help develop a plan for helping school teams support the needs of their students. PresenceLearning has provided me similar opportunities for students with autism, hearing impairment, apraxia of speech, and other conditions that require the help and support of experienced SLPs and make contributions to their school teams. This is a population I had experience with and passion for in the medical setting and with PresenceLearning I am able to reinforce that. Working here at PresenceLearning has allowed me to not just have a job, but continue to pursue my passion!


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