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Once I have reviewed PresenceLearning’s HIPAA policies, what do I need to do?

Once you have reviewed the policies contained in PL’s HIPAA Security Packet, follow this link to complete the Policy Attestation.

If a school or parent asks me about privacy and security of student information related to my work with PL may I share PresenceLearning’s policies with that school or parent?

Yes. You may share the link to PL’s HIPAA policies with school personnel or parents/guardians who request copies of these policies. The content of these policies is proprietary and should not be copied, repurposed, or distributed for your own personal use.

Is the Security Awareness Course mandatory?

Yes. You must complete this course prior to starting services in the fall.

How long does the Security Awareness course take to complete?

You should be able to complete this course in approximately 30 minutes.  

Can I bill for the time spent reviewing the HIPAA Privacy and Security Policies or completing the Security Awareness course?

No. It is your professional responsibility as a contractor with PL to familiarize yourself with all of our applicable policies and procedures as well the privacy and security requirements of the state in which you provide services.

If the school for which I provide services has their own privacy and security policies and standards, which policies should I follow?

Schools or other institutions to which you provide services may have their own privacy and security policies. Generally, if policies conflict, you should follow the stricter  policy.

HIPAA is considered the base level or ground floor for protection of health information, and states may enact laws that go beyond HIPAA. Many states have already done so.

Who do I contact if I questions about PresenceLearning’s Privacy and Security Policies?

Many answers to your questions may be found in the Security Awareness course or in PL’s HIPAA Policy Packet. Please review this carefully before contacting PresenceLearning’s Privacy Officer and/or Security Officer at


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