Co-teaching and Collaborating

The recent US News & World Report article “Two High School Teachers May Be Better Than One” explores the world of co-teaching in today’s classroom. Susan Fitzell, an education consultant, says the key to success is in the implementation.

In order to co-teach effectively, both teachers must interact with students in small groups to ensure that each student is receiving individual instruction. If a group of students needs additional help within a lesson, one teacher can aid them while the other leads the rest of the class, allowing students with different learning speeds to interact within the same classroom.

Co-teaching promotes collaboration during the planning process and lets teachers split disciplinary and classroom management responsibilities.

With PresenceLearning’s online speech therapy, a remote speech and language pathologist (SLP) can collaborate, or co-teach, with an on-site SLP or paraprofessional. Through this online platform, both educators and parents can be involved with a student’s progress.  How is your school or colleagues using co-teaching in the classroom? Share your stories with us on Facebook or Twitter.

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