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Application To Practice: An Interdisciplinary Materials Deep Dive

In this course, presenters will do a deep dive into selected evidence-based therapeutic activities, which can all be found in the PresenceLearning library. With a focus on interdisciplinary use, participants will apply target skills to activities, as well as learn how to differentiate instruction with these materials to meet individual student developmental levels.

Course is available to Global Teletherapy and PresenceLearning Providers

Register Now

  • Live Online Webinar

    Friday, April 29, 2022
    Eastern: 11 am – 1 pm
    Central: 10 am – 12 pm
    Mountain: 9 am – 11 am
    Pacific: 8 am – 10 am

  • Learner Level and Contact Hours

    Learner Level: Intermediate
    Professional Development Contact
    Hours: 2

  • Target Audience

    OT, PT, MHP, SLP, APE Specialists, School Psychologists

Instructor Bios

Jessica Laucks M.S., CCC/SLP

Speech-Language Pathologist

Jessical has been an SLP with PL for 2 years. She has worked in Early Intervention and preschool in NY, brick and mortar schools in PA, and outpatient and inpatient medical settings in PA. She has conducted Augmentative and Alternative Communication evaluations for the Neuronode Trilogy to eyegaze devices such as the Tobii dynavox. Jessica also has extensive feeding background from completing inpatient infant evaluations, lactation coursework and outpatient feeding evaluations and treatment. She enjoys creating content for the library and recording “Show and Shares.” This past year three students have felt comfortable to share their gender identity and sexual orientation with Jessica. She was the first “teacher” they told. Jessica has self-published a book and audiobook and needed some advice so our wonderful CEO and author herself, Kate Eberle Walker, met with her to give her some tips.

Dr. Erika Ayanaw, Ph.D., Ed.S., CSP

Global Teletherapy: Team Lead, School Psychology Assessment
PresenceLearning: Psychoeducational Services (PES) Clinical Quality & Resource Manager

Dr. Ayanaw has been a practicing School Psychologist for over ten years. Before this, she worked as a Professional Counselor with children and adolescents for seven years. Dr. Ayanaw has a variety of experiences working across diverse school and clinical settings. Her dissertation focused on equitable school psychological evaluation practices. Her findings revealed between-group differences in Autism characteristic reportings for black and white students and provided practical implications for practitioners to contribute to more accurate and early Autism identification.
Dr. Ayanaw understands school psychologists’ great responsibility and role as consultants, evaluators, and interventionists, among others. As an adjunct assistant professor, she impresses upon her students the importance of this role. In addition, Dr. Ayanaw seeks to increase her students’ understanding of inclusivity and diversity in their work in educational settings.

Renee Mathews, MS, OTR/L

Lead Occupational Therapist/Empowerment Manager

During her Occupational Therapy career, Renee has had experience working in inpatient rehabilitation, brick and mortar private school, public school, and teletherapy school-based settings. She has strong experience working with various ages/populations, understanding IEP/504 processes, and completing comprehensive evaluations. Renee has developed a multitude of teletherapy-based tech skills, including (but not limited to) using/troubleshooting various virtual platform features, utilizing green screens/virtual backgrounds, using video editing/graphic designing/photo editing programs, and creating therapy-based resources. Renee is enjoying her current role on the clinical Global Teletherapy and PresenceLearning team where she is able to service students and provide clinical support to providers.

Lelis Nolasco-Garcia, CCC-SLP

Bilingual Speech-Language Pathologist

Lelis’ clinical speech and language therapy experience has included assessment and treatment in Medical: geriatric and pediatric populations for 13 years, public school settings for pediatric populations ages 2-21, and grades early childhood to 12th grade for 23 years. She has served pediatric populations/school based, across 3 states (TX, CA, OR) for 6 years.
Lelis specializes in serving the following populations:

  • Culturally & Linguistically Diverse (CLD/Bilingual Populations
  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) Populations
  • Non-Verbal or Limited verbal communicators due to multiple disabilities
  • Rehabilitation of patients in geriatric and pediatric settings after CVA, TBI, Dysphagia

Learner Outcomes

Learners will apply 4 target skills to a multidisciplinary therapeutic activity.

Learners will determine 3 evidence-based approaches that relate to multidisciplinary therapeutic activities.

Learners will differentiate instruction of 3 presented therapeutic activities by student developmental levels.

Time-Ordered Agenda

Introductions/Disclosures (5 min)

Material Deep Dive: Ling Bilingual Oral Narrative (25 min)

Material Deep Dive: Spring Funny Fill-in (25 min)

Material Deep Dive: Tiny Guides (25 min)

Material Deep Dive: Restaurant Rush (25 min)

Discussion (10 min)

Conclusion (5 min)

Professional Development

Speech Language Pathologists

PresenceLearning is an American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) approved CE provider. Simply select “Opt In” on your registration form, provide the requested information, and your CE credits will be registered with ASHA upon successful course completion. (Must have a CE transcript registered with ASHA to “opt in.”) CE Credits: see ASHA statement below.

Occupational Therapists

PresenceLearning is an AOTA Approved Provider of professional development. OT continuing education requirements vary greatly from state to state. Clinicians may independently verify if this learning event meets their state/licensure requirements for CE credits.
CEUs: See AOTA statement below.

School Psychologists

This course will not offer NASP PDUs, however, participants who meet the course completion criteria successfully will be provided with a document of attendance for 2 contact hours.

Mental Health Providers

MHP continuing education requirements vary greatly from state to state and across licensure areas. Clinicians may independently verify if this learning event meets their state/licensure requirements for CE credits. PresenceLearning will provide a certificate of completion upon successful course completion: 2 Contact Hours.

Adapted Physical Education (APE) Specialists

PresenceLearning will provide a certificate of completion for APE Specialists who successfully complete course: 2 Contact Hours.

Course Completion

To earn a certificate participants must:
attend the entire 2 hour Live Online session (attendance will be verified via Zoom report and attendance sign in/sign out sheets). Within 2 days of course completion, pass a post-test/evaluation with 80% accuracy (3 attempts allowed). The test will contain open-ended, multiple choice, and matching questions.

To prepare for the course, participants must:
register for the course (registration closes 4/27/2022 @ 5 pm ET)
sign into the Zoom meeting using a PresenceLearning or Global Teletherapy email account.
change screen name to reflect name as it should appear on the certificate of attendance.

To give feedback, participants will be asked to complete a course feedback survey.

Cancellation Policy

This course is offered at no cost to contracted and employed PresenceLearning and Global Teletherapy therapists. In the event the course is canceled, the participant will have the option to attend a rescheduled event that will be offered within 60 days of canceled course.

Please Note:
Registered participants who do not attend or cancel with less than 24 hours notice, may have future course registration restricted, after 3 documented incidents.

Accessibility & Concerns

This course is intended to be accessible by addressing the needs of addresses the needs not only of people with physical impairments, but also of those with sensory impairments (i.e., hearing, speech, vision), and emotional and learning disabilities.

This course includes accessible technology and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act for distance learning.

Please contact Maureen Dykinga, CE program manager ( ) to request additional accommodations.

Any course concerns should be directed to Maureen Dykinga, CE program manager, ( ) within 2 weeks of course completion.


Dr. Erika Ayanaw, PhD., Ed.S., NCSP

Dr. Ayanaw receives a salary as Lead School Psychologist from Global Teletherapy, acquired by PresenceLearning.
Dr. Ayanaw would like to disclose her background researching disproportionality in special education, a review of psychoeducational practices.

Jessical Laucks

Financial Disclosure
Jessica received an Honorarium from Presence Learning for this course and is a contracted provider with PresenceLearning
Non-Financial Disclosure:
Jessical is a 3 time ASHA ACE Award Recipient

Renee Mathews

Financial Disclosure:
Renee receives a salary as a Lead Occupational Therapist/Empowerment Manager from Global Teletherapy, acquired by PresenceLearning. In addition, Renee is a member of the YouTube Partner Program, sells digital resources at Teachers Pay Teachers, and has received contractual agreements with PresenceLearning for clinical content. She was also a previous independent contractor with Global Teletherapy.
Non-Financial Disclosure:
Renee is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, Pennsylvania Occupational Therapy Association, and Pi Theta Epsilon American Occupational Therapy Honor Society. She was also a presenter for the ASHA-approved CE course entitled, “Supporting Students on the Autism Spectrum in Telepractice”.

Lelis Nolasco-Garcia

Financial Disclosure:
Lelis is an individual contractor SLP for PresenceLearning; hosted various clinical trainings at Presence Learning in bilingual and AAC topics; a content creators at PresenceLearning; receiving honorarium from PresenceLearning for this presentation; author, creator, and small business owner of Speech and Language Therapy Cafe where she creates and sells materials via Teachers Pay Teachers for the past 5 years.
Non-Financial Disclosure:
Website Speech and Language Therapy Cafe at Weebly where she shares free resources and shares tips with peer SLPs; creates various materials for her bilingual and AAC students via BOOM Learning; an ASHA member; ASHA ACE AWARD Recipient.

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