Did You Know that PresenceLearning Can Help with Your Assessments Logjam?

Assessments iconAre you aware that PresenceLearning performs online initial, triennial, and exit assessments for speech-language, occupational therapy, and behavior IEP/504 therapy goals as an additional service for its clients?

We know how quickly schools can fall behind when it comes to conducting assessments. We know that by early October, the number of students needing initial assessments is larger than what had been accounted for at the start of term. We know that by November, clinician caseloads are mounting and therapy sessions are being canceled so in-person staff can power through the backlog of assessments. By December, timeline problems are rearing their ugly heads. And by April, the pain for districts is acute due to the backlog that has been accumulating since the beginning of the year.

Why online assessments?

Our experienced clinicians can help determine intervention decisions, 504 eligibility, special education identification, and continued eligibility—freeing your staff to conduct therapy and more easily manage student caseloads. PresenceLearning online assessments provide:

  • Access to nearly 800 licensed, credentialed clinicians
  • Access to the most commonly used assessments from leading publishers
  • Timely evaluation results and determinations of eligibility
  • Improved timeline compliance
  • Improved schedule management
  • Reduced special education staff workloads

How do online assessments work?

Using the same techniques and materials as on-site evaluations, licensed professionals use our secure online platform to conduct a combination of standardized assessment tools, student work samples, clinical observation (via webcam), records review, parent/teacher/student interviews, developmental/medical histories, and norm-referenced-standardized rating scales.

Assessments can take place anywhere that has both a computer and an internet connection: a resource room, a classroom, a computer lab, the library/media center, or another area in the school—or even at home for virtual or homebound students.

Why choose PresenceLearning?

After conducting more than 1,000,000 sessions of teletherapy since 2009, our network of more than 700 reliable clinicians are seasoned experts at conducting online assessments as well as therapy. During that time, we have conducted more than 5,000 assessments for thousands of clients around the country. We are thorough, efficient, and effective. And we are here to help.

Read more about the complete list of the assessments we offer online or email schools@presencelearning.com for more information.