Dr. Temple Grandin Shares Her Insights into the Autistic Brain in a February 2014 PresenceLearning Webinar

 February 13, 2014 webinar kicks off new three-part “Changing Minds” series for special education leaders

SAN FRANCISCO, December 20, 2013 – PresenceLearning, the leader in online speech therapy and other special education-related services for K-12 students, is launching a new three-part webinar series, “Changing Minds,” to provide special education leaders critical insight on neurodevelopmental disorders and explore contemporary approaches for supporting and educating this growing population. Dr. Temple Grandin, a leading expert on and author about autism, will kick off the series with “The Autistic Brain” on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 9:30 AM to 11:00 AM PT (12:30 PM to 2 PM ET).

To register for this free, 90-minute webinar, visit https://plearn.co/changing-minds-temple-grandin.

During the webinar, Dr. Grandin will highlight the latest research about autism, Asperger’s syndrome and other mental disorders. She will offer new insight and practical ideas for special education leaders and help them better understand why particular strategies work and why some are unsuccessful. Participants will be able to tap into the remarkable knowledge and experience of Dr. Grandin during a live question-and-answer period.

By attending the webinar, participants will:

  • Gain new understanding about the autistic brain that will debunk misconceptions and suggest new approaches to enable educators to help students with autism and other neurodevelopmental challenges.
  • Understand the implications of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5) on special education in the context of the many factors that are contributing to an alarming increase in the diagnosis of autism and other disorders.
  • Discover practical strategies for empowering educators to work with parents to help each student with autism find their unique strengths, succeed in school and become career ready.

With the heightened sense of urgency given the shift to the Common Core State Standards and its emphasis on language and communications skills competency, school administrators, especially those responsible for special education, are working to adapt to the rise in cases of neurodevelopmental disorders in students. During the “Changing Minds” webinar series, three leading experts in childhood neurodevelopmental, behavioral and mental disorders – Dr. Temple Grandin, Dr. Barry Prizant and Dr. Jordan Wright – will share their expertise, tackle common misconceptions and provide educators with practical strategies to better manage challenges and help students succeed.

Since 2009, PresenceLearning’s online speech therapy services have provided schools with a practical, affordable new option for service delivery: web-based access to a nationwide network of live, highly qualified, fully licensed speech-language pathologists who are available whenever and wherever they are needed. This past year, PresenceLearning added online occupational therapy (OT). online assessments and online counseling to their service offerings. By partnering with PresenceLearning, school districts can fill staffing gaps related to acute and chronic SLP and OT shortages, reduce high caseloads for onsite personnel, reduce their backlog of assessments, improve student outcomes and become more efficient. PresenceLearning also offers access to technical specialists, as well as culturally and linguistically diverse speech-language pathologists, occupational therapists and counselors.

PresenceLearning has delivered more than 250,000 live online therapy sessions in public, charter and virtual school districts of all sizes nationwide.

About Dr. Temple Grandin
Dr. Temple Grandin is one of the world’s most accomplished and well-known adults with autism. She is a professor of animal science at Colorado State University and the author of several best-selling books, which have sold more than a million copies. The HBO movie based on her life, Temple Grandin, received seven Emmy Awards. She lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

About PresenceLearning
PresenceLearning (www.presencelearning.com) is the leading provider of live online speech therapy services for K-12 students and now offers online occupational therapy as well. The company offers school districts web-based access to a growing, nationwide network of hundreds of highly qualified speech language pathologists (SLPs), occupational therapists (OTs) and other related services professionals via live videoconferencing combined with the latest in evidence-based practices and powerful progress reporting.

Serving thousands of students in public, charter and virtual schools throughout the U.S., PresenceLearning has shown that online speech and language therapy is practical, affordable and highly effective. PresenceLearning is an ASHA-approved continuing education provider for SLPs and a U.S. Department of Education grant-winner, dedicated to bringing the highest clinical standards to online therapy.


Katie Povejsil, Vice President of Marketing, PresenceLearning

Christine Allman, Public Relations for PresenceLearning