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Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District Wins National Recognition for Helping Students with Special Needs

The district won the PresenceLearning Award of Excellence for positive student progress and leadership in special education SAN FRANCISCO, February 7, 2017 – PresenceLearning, the leading telehealth network of live, online special education related services providers, recently named Newman-Crows Landing Unified School District (NCLUSD) in Newman, CA a winner of its 3rd annual Award of

PresenceLearning Names the Winners of its Third Annual Awards of Excellence

Six education organizations recognized for outstanding leadership and student progress in special education SAN FRANCISCO, December 8, 2016 – PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live, online special education related services, is pleased to announce the six winners of its 3rd annual Awards of Excellence, recognizing leadership, teamwork, and outstanding student progress. The winners of the

PresenceLearning Releases New White Paper about Equivalence of Psychoeducational Assessments Administered Online and Onsite

White paper details equivalency study conducted by PresenceLearning and Houghton Mifflin Harcourt using the Woodcock-Johnson® IV assessment SAN FRANCISCO, November 21, 2016 – Making sure students are evaluated is a major responsibility for school districts, and is a key milestone in getting students the special education services they need. Chronic national shortages and other obstacles—including

The Best Professional Development and Special Education Resources in 2014

It’s December and time to pause and reflect on the year. So we’re sharing our top 10 “Best of 2014” news items and professional development resources for special education leaders. And if you haven’t already checked out all of our webinars, infographics, videos, and other materials, there is plenty on this list to keep you

INFOGRAPHIC: Device Recommendations for the Classroom

Almost every education-related article today somehow touches on technology. It is impossible to deny that technology has planted deep roots in the world of education; however, the education technology market is inundated with choices, making it hard for districts and technology coordinators to choose the right device and service model for their schools’ needs. Troxel,

Changing Minds Webinar Recap: “The Autistic Brain” with Dr. Temple Grandin

Last week, thousands of special education administrators, educators, and parents joined PresenceLearning for its inaugural “Changing Minds” webinar, featuring autism expert Dr. Temple Grandin. During “The Autistic Brain” webinar, Dr. Grandin provided expert insight, practical ideas and personal stories to help special education leaders better understand the specific needs of students with autism. Dr. Grandin

“Online Assessments – MISSION: Possible!”

When schools have issues providing therapy services, whether because of staffing issues, scheduling issues, high caseloads, geographic issues, or other reasons, PresenceLearning steps in to help with its online speech therapy services. One significant challenge that schools face is simply having the bandwidth to assess students, a time-consuming process. During a yearlong pilot with both

Bullying: Prevention for the SLP

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month this October, it is important to discuss the role the therapist plays in the prevention of bullying process. A recent study conducted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln found that students with special needs—whether behavioral, learning or physical—are more prone to being bullied. Because of this, these students often

Telepractice: Creating Access for Rural Districts

ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists featured an article about telepractice in its June issue. The article discussed how underserved areas are using telepractice to help treat stuttering. To read the article in its entirety, view the digital issue here. The ability for telepractice to connect students in need of services with far-away experts made

Breaking from Convention—The Online SLP

While many speech-language pathologists (SLPs) find their place working in school settings, others are now discovering the numerous benefits of working remotely and providing their services—live—online. A recent poll of SLPs working online with PresenceLearning, most of whom had worked in schools, revealed that they felt that switching to online delivery has helped them improve