Free PresenceLearning Webinar Highlights Use of Online Speech Therapy in Virtual Schools

SPED directors at virtual schools are often faced with unique challenges because they must provide special education services, including speech-language therapy, for any students with special needs. To help administrators and educators of virtual schools learn more about the uses and benefits of online speech therapy in the virtual school setting, PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online speech therapy for schools, is hosting a free webinar titled “Online Speech Therapy for Virtual School Students: When, Where and How?” on Thursday, September 27th at 1:00 pm ET (10:00 am PT). To register for the webinar, visit

During the webinar, Jenny Kendall, K-12 Inc. National Director of Special Programs, and Melissa Jakubowitz, M.A., CCC-SLP, Vice President of Speech Language Pathology (SLP) Services for PresenceLearning, will discuss how online speech therapy improves student outcomes, tackles critical personnel shortfalls and provides virtual schools with access to high quality speech-language services. Moderated by Dr. Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, the webinar will provide expert commentary and first-hand accounts to answer the “when, where and how” questions regarding the use of online speech therapy.

By attending the webinar, participants will learn:
• The benefits and limitations of SLP telepractice, or online speech therapy, based on real-world examples of virtual school students.
• The roles and responsibilities of the special education administrator, the SLP, teacher and other virtual school personnel in relation to telepractice and its outcomes.
• The body of research related to the effectiveness of online speech therapy.

This webinar is the fifth in a series of free webinars sponsored by PresenceLearning. The webinar series, entitled “SPED Ahead: New Realities, New Choices – A Forum for School Leaders,” brings together thought leaders who are re-thinking the way special education services, especially speech-language pathology services, are delivered.

About Jenny Kendall
Jenny Kendall is the K-12 Inc. National Director of Special Programs and oversees special education, Federal Title programs, RTI and more across 26 statewide virtual academies and additional unique blended learning environments. Kendall was previously the Director of Special Education for the Ohio Virtual Academy, a school powered by K12. She has worked in the field of virtual education for more than ten years and the field of special education for more than twenty years. Kendall holds both M.A. in Educational Leadership and a B.S. in Special Education/Speech Language Communication.

About Melissa Jakubowitz, M.A., CCC-SLP
Melissa Jakubowitz, M.A., CCC-SLP has more than 20 years of clinical and managerial experience. She is a Board Recognized Specialist in Child Language and is the past-president of the California Speech-Language-Hearing Association, which, with more the 5,000 SLP members, is the largest SLP state association in the country. She is also active in ASHA, serving as Legislative Counselor for 12 years. Jakubowitz began her career working in the public schools and is currently the Vice President of SLP Services for PresenceLearning.

About Dr. Shari Robertson, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Dr. Robertson was formerly a President of the Pennsylvania Speech-Language-Hearing Association and will be chairing the 2010 ASHA National Convention. Prior to obtaining her doctorate at UW-Madison, she was a school-based SLP and Special Education Director in West Bend, WI. Having presented more than 200 workshops and seminars over the past 5 years, she is dedicated to bridging the gap between researchers and practicing clinicians. Dr. Robertson is also the Associate Editor of Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in the Schools.

About PresenceLearning
PresenceLearning ( is the leading provider of live online speech therapy services for K-12 students. The company offers school districts web-based access to a growing, nationwide network of nearly 200 highly qualified speech language pathologists (SLPs) via live videoconferencing using the latest in evidence-based practice. PresenceLearning delivers large cost savings while improving student outcomes. PresenceLearning is an ASHA-approved continuing education provider for SLPs and a U.S. Department of Education grant-winner, dedicated to bringing the highest clinical standards to online speech therapy.