Have You Considered All The Education Options for Your Child with Special Needs?

 Have You Considered All The Education Options for Your Child with Special Needs

With a new school year approaching, it has been reported that more students with special needs are choosing to stay in public schools.  This increases the financial burden on school districts to meet demand and provide services to kids with special needs. With federal funding only able to cover a fraction of costs of special education, school officials and teachers fear that they’re not fully equipped to serve students with special needs.

For parents with children with special needs in public schools, this is undoubtedly alarming. The choice of sending your child to public school may have been to make sure he or she develops in as “normal” circumstances as possible. Whatever the criteria for education may be, it is important that parents are fully aware of the options available.  

  • Charter Schools – More and more charter schools have been investing in more resources dedicated exclusively to serving children with special needs and especially cost effective speech therapy solutions. Similar to public schools, most are free to attend and choose incoming pupils via lottery. However unlike public schools and other options, charter schools can allow students to attend school on a unique schedule and may have technology centers focused on specific subject areas. One charter school we worked with, the Ballington Academy, adopted live online speech therapy for students with special needs while allowing students to learn at home.
  • Virtual Schools  – With some states exclusively funding these schools and offering it for free for residents, virtual schools may be a great choice for your child. With various models such as attending online courses per a schedule or independently, being able to customize the learning experience for a students needs is a huge plus. For some virtual academies, encouraging live online speech therapy has been key for success for their students with special needs.
  • Public Schools – Although many public schools are struggling, the choice for parents to send their child may be the end-all. In that case, there are public schools across the country that have made providing special education a priority though it is a small number. The prime benefit for parents seeing their child develop alongside children of all backgrounds may be enough to find them.

To learn more about these options and live online speech therapy, read these stories from more public schools, charter schools and more.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor