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The holidays are a time for giving back, and this year, we asked our staff and network of SLPs, OTs and mental health professionals what they are doing in their communities or to support causes they believe in. The answers have been as diverse as they have been touching. Here are just a few ways the PresenceLearning team is sharing this year:

A Lifetime of Christmas Cards 

When one of our our lead clinicians shared the story of Addie Fausett, age 6, it broke all of our hearts. Addie has brain atrophy and doctors say she has just a year to live. Her family has come up with an idea to make her last Christmas special: a lifetime of cards. You can learn more about Addie’s story, including where to send cards, here. Children and the Earth is also taking donations to help defray medical costs for the family.

A Family in Need

At the end of October, we got word that one of the students who receives therapy from PresenceLearning suffered a devastating loss: his family lost their home in a fire, and their dog perished as well. PresenceLearning clinicians and staff came together to raise money and share moral support to help the family get back on their feet. Seeing some of the notes to the family made me realize how lucky we are to have such a supportive team.

Next Generations of Givers 

Operation Christmas ChildA number of clinicians shared stories about how their children are also giving back. One SLP’s son assembled a bike for a foster child’s “Angel Tree” and others gave to Toys for Tots. One of our Senior Clinical Consultants helped her daughter’s cheer team to fill boxes for Operation Christmas Child. The team then laid hands on the boxes while saying a prayer for each child receiving a box — what a meaningful way to give.

Since coming to PresenceLearning, I’ve been touched in thousands of ways by the hard work and determination of students with special needs, and the big hearts, humor and tremendous skill of the therapists who work with them. I feel blessed every day to work with a team that has such natural generosity — in their jobs and in their lives outside of work.

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