How Connected Learning Can Transform Special Education

Connected Learning

In a recent report published by the Connected Learning Research Network, a group of American and British researchers provided an educational concept designed to help teachers, parents, and even those in politics to consider a learning experience for students where their interests and academics are intertwined.

Imagine:  a sixth grade boy who is a fan of the online video Minecraft is encouraged by his teachers to set up a school Minecraft club and then assigned some creative writing exercises on the experience. Well this isn’t too far fetch because it has actually happened.

“Connected learning is about progress and it’s about something everyone in education agrees is urgent and important–the unprecedented opportunity we’re seeing to rethink an approach to education where all young people can realize their learning potential and their right to thrive,” said Connie Yowell, director of education at the MacArthur Foundation, which supports the Research Network.

Now imagine ‘connected learning’ in the realm of special education. Well that isn’t too hard to imagine either because it is actually happening with K-12 students across the country. With online speech therapy from us at PresenceLearning a child can not only partake in a one-on-one  session but develop some great skills that incorporate some of their favorite things. For example, if a child was interested in Justin Bieber, a PresenceLearning SLP can add a Justin Bieber video from YouTube into the PresenceLearning platform that can be used to help a child learn /R/ sounds.

As ‘connected learning’ gains traction in schools across the United States, more advancements in special education and education can only continue to progress. To see the full report, download it here.

Source: the Journal