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How Does Teletherapy Work

From school, students log into live teletherapy sessions for speech-language pathology, behavioral and mental health therapy, occupational therapy, and assessments.

How Does Teletherapy Work

PresenceLearning Partnership

Every PresenceLearning partnership starts with a collaborative look at what is needed to optimize a district’s potential to best serve all students in need of assessment and/or intervention. Whether you’re struggling with short-term leaves, a chronic shortage of clinicians, case overload, or students with specialized needs, we work with you to leverage our network of more than 1,500 clinicians to design a custom program that meets your requirements.

Guided Implementation & Ongoing Support

Getting up and running is quick and easy with PresenceLearning’s onboarding process.  Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll be assigned a dedicated Customer Success representative and a Clinical Account Manager to guide your school district through your journey with PresenceLearning.
  • You’ll also have access to our Support Service team to assist you with the therapy room setup, IT support, and equipment questions.
  • Our clinical experts will collaborate with your team to identify students who are ideal candidates for teletherapy.
  • Support Services are there for you and your team from 5am—5pm PT/8am—8pm ET.

Clinician Matching & Scheduling

The extensive PresenceLearning Care Network let’s us match clinicians to your students’ specific needs and schedules; and we’ll help you deliver consistent services, minimizing cancellations.

  • Largest network of clinicians nationwide–1,500+ and growing!.
  • Once students are selected, we’ll work with you to find a provider to support your students based on scheduling needs.
  • Teletherapy helps you to deliver consistent services—with fewer cancellations than onsite therapy due to commuting delays, schedule overloads, etc.


Over 40 different formal SLP, OT, BMH, and Psychoeducational assessments are available in our library. PresenceLearning’s licensed clinicians and school psychologists use our secure online platform to administer online assessments from leading publishers, using the same techniques and materials as onsite assessments. Our library features the most commonly used assessments including – the Woodcock-Johnson IV, Bateria IV, and the RIAS-2, and online administration of the WISC-V.

  • Our clinicians can manage the entire process for you, or work closely with your onsite staff to help streamline your assessment process.
  • PresenceLearing engages in ongoing research with the publishers of these assessments to ensure the remote administration of the assessments yield equivalent results to onsite administration.


Direct therapy is available for individual students or in group sessions. Working with online therapists using familiar technology puts students at ease, helping them learn and grow through therapy.

  • Speech-language therapy — Our licensed SLPs all have Master’s degrees, their ASHA CCCs, and a minimum of one year of experience in a school setting. Select SLPs can also provide SLPA supervision.
  • Behavioral and mental health therapy — Our highly trained, certified professionals have a masters of social work, are licensed mental health clinicians, or are school psychologists (with your state’s requisite licenses and/or credentials).
  • Occupational therapy — Our credentialed OTs serve your students one-on-one, in small groups, or with full classroom instruction using many of the same activities online as they would use in person.

Case Management and IEP Meetings

PresenceLearning clinicians become part of your team. In addition to face-to-face therapy sessions and assessments, they can handle complete case management including writing IEP goals, attending IEP meetings, and communicating with students’ support teams of onsite clinicians, teachers, and parents.

  • Supplement your existing onsite staff to improve your clinician morale and retention by reducing heavy caseloads.
  • Our clinicians can perform classroom observations and consultations, and attend parent and staff meetings to extend your team’s capacity.
  • Splitting responsibilities is another strategy—for example, our providers can handle assessments entirely so your onsite clinicians can keep their focus on therapy.

PresenceLearning Platform

PresenceLearning’s proprietary teletherapy platform was designed by clinicians for clinicians, specifically to serve K-12 students with special needs. It integrates traditional therapy materials—assessments, class assignments, games, and more—with a unique video conferencing experience. During therapy sessions, clinicians can view students from multiple angles while working on engaging activities within the platform.

  • Worksheets, an interactive whiteboard, and mouse controls help redirect or refocus students’ attention.
  • The platform supports an internal or external face camera and an externally-mounted adjustable second optional webcam for modeling tasks, assessments, etc.
  • An Irlen filter improves accessibility.


Because PresenceLearning stores, organizes, and displays data in an easy-to-use, customizable dashboard, you’ll have all the reports you need at your fingertips—no more requesting reports or chasing down the right person or therapist. At-a-glance scheduling information lets you and your team see an overview of all sessions that are happening. You’ll also be able to track trends in attendance that can help you locate and solve underlying issues.

  • Easily accessible student reports include goal progress, clinicians’ SOAP notes, attendance tracking, and more.
  • Summary of all the locations where services are being provided in a district that includes the number of students in services, due dates, events, and tech check status.
  • Detailed reports help you to identify issues arising with your students before they become critical.
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