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Important Information on Three Speech Deficiencies

It is estimated by the National Institutes of Health that 8-10% of Americans are affected by a Communication Disorder. Articulation Disorders, Voice Disorders, and Fluency Disorders are the three speech deficiencies found in people worldwide and each of them requires a different mode of treatment. Speech therapy involves much more than simply teaching a child to correctly pronounce words. Educational and therapeutic software has been clinically proven to help patients improve speech & language.

Articulation Disorder makes the production of speech sounds more difficult. The four types of Articulation Disorder are: Omissions, Substitutions, Distortions, and Additions. Phonation and Resonance Disorder are the two types of Vocal Disorders. Phonation Disorder causes the patient to suffer from problems with pitch, loudness or the stress of on words with voice which starts from the vocal folds of the larynx. Resonance Disorder occurs when any part of the vocal tract is abnormal or is dysfunctional. Fluency in speech is a property to deliver information with expertise in a non-interrupted manner. In Fluency disorder one may struggle to find a particular word or sound. For more detailed information on the three speech deficiencies click here.

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