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Mental health is harder for everyone—practical solutions are critical

November 9, 202

Schools are facing an enormous task in delivering mental health services to a growing number of students with urgent needs. Even before the pandemic, the gap in achievement levels due to mental health struggles was widening. The pandemic did not create this challenge; it only expanded the need.

School-led wraparound services for the online era

October 25, 2021

Stephanie Taylor, clinical director of psychoeducational services at PresenceLearning, writes that wraparound services — often used with students with physical disabilities — should be used for students with mental health issues as well. With increased virtual learning and telehealth, educators can help coordinate whole-child services with doctors, therapists, parents and social workers, Taylor notes.

Improving in-class special education with positives from online learning

August 20, 2021

It would be a lost opportunity to overlook hybrid ways to incorporate technology into the classroom for students with special needs. Read more in the latest article by Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, in eSchool News.

This one quality may be a red flag in a leader

June 4, 2021

CEOs have power, and they know it. They can inspire, and make decisions, and give orders. But they can also do great harm. With that power comes an obligation to be extra careful about what you ask for and how you ask it, considering the possible impact on the well-being and safety of your employees.Here are some tips in Fast Company from Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, on how to be a more accessible leader.

How teletherapy enables access to special education services

Amid post-pandemic shifts to private schools, teletherapy can play a key role in ensuring students receive essential services. Read more in the latest article by Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, in eSchool News.

American Consortium for Equity in Education: Female Leaders in Education

June 1, 2021

We’re excited to share news that Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, has been named among the “Female Leaders in the Education Industry” by the American Consortium for Equity in Education!

“In building our teletherapy platform, we have always stayed true to the idea that technology cannot replace the human connections that educators make with students; but it can ensure that those important connections still happen, even when they can’t be in-person.”

Read more on page 53!

School Districts Must Learn from History, Not Repeat It

May 18, 2021

We’ve heard a lot of reflections this spring on a year in the life of COVID-19. Many have tried to predict what may be in store for the future and considered what we should do to recover what we’ve lost as a nation — and in particular what our children have lost in their education. There isn’t much precedent to draw upon, but there is one example worth reviewing.

Telehealth Best Practices

April 30, 2021

Kristin Martinez of PresenceLearning discusses how to best care for your clients when they are not physically in front of you. “From the perspective of a speech-language pathologist who was providing teletherapy services to students long before the COVID-19 pandemic, experience has taught me there are few—if any—educational speech-language goal areas that cannot be effectively addressed via teletherapy with the appropriate platform and supports in place.”

Using Teletherapy for Special Education Services During the Pandemic

April 27, 2021

Kershaw County School District is a large, rural district located in South Carolina that has experienced a shortage of speech-language therapists for several years. Our district’s 20 schools are spread across 740 square miles, making it one of the most geographically expansive districts in the state. This large geographic reach makes it difficult and time-intensive for therapists to provide services.

Reinventing School Discipline in Texas

April 27, 2021

While people used to be skeptical of teletherapy for behavioral and mental health support, that perception is changing with the pandemic, said Stephanie Taylor, clinical director of psychoeducational services for Presence Learning, which provides online special education services for thousands of schools across the country. “The pandemic forced some changes,” she said…”Those who anticipate the different settings and the different levels of need … are the ones who will have the easier transition.”

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