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How Teletherapy is Providing Support to Students: Remote Possibilities

June 9, 2020

Listen to host Kevin Hogan talk to Kate Eberle Walker, CEO of PresenceLearning, about how districts are utilizing teletherapy to deliver special education-related services. The company works with school districts across the country throughout the regular school year and has helped an increasing number of schools during the time of COVID-19. The CEO discusses what is happening in districts as they prepare for providing these essential services for students with special needs.

Inside a Special Education Company’s $27 Million Fundraising Round

PresenceLearning, which provides live online special education therapy services for K-12 schools, recently received a major infusion of financial support—$27

Special Ed Teletherapy Provider PresenceLearning Gets a $27 Million Boost

Speech and other special-education professionals were already in short supply even when classes were in session. Now, with students

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Some kids with disabilities can’t learn at home. Parents and advocates want to know: What’s the plan?

Parents whose children have severe disabilities are in survival mode. The experts they relied on to help educate and

PresenceLearning Offers Teletherapy Platform for Students/Teachers

PresenceLearning Offers Teletherapy Training and Online Therapy Platform to Help Special Education Teams Continue Serving Students During COVID-19 School

Supporting Students With Special Needs

A rural school in Oklahoma uses innovative initiatives to create a culture of support for all students. By Emily

A Day in the Life Working in OT Teletherapy

For this “Day in the Life” article, we’re very excited to share what it’s like working in OT teletherapy,

What to Consider About Online Service Delivery

If you’re weighing the benefits and downsides of contracting with online therapy providers for supporting students in special education,

For Special Needs Students, It’s Therapy From Afar

Cheryl Hubbard-George, director of the Office of Exceptional Children in South Carolina’s rural Florence County School District 3, was

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