INFOGRAPHIC: Device Recommendations for the Classroom

Almost every education-related article today somehow touches on technology. It is impossible to deny that technology has planted deep roots in the world of education; however, the education technology market is inundated with choices, making it hard for districts and technology coordinators to choose the right device and service model for their schools’ needs.

Troxel, a company that focuses on 1:1 initiatives, and WeAreTeachers, which provides community and resources for educators, recently published an infographic that defines education technology and its uses in 2013. The infographic outlines the most popular devices along with their uses and benefits depending on projects or situations. It also presents the issues districts need to consider before implementing a 1:1 model.

Key data and recommendations:

  • 89% of teachers believe education technology improves student outcomes.
  • 92% of students believe mobile devices will change the way students learn in the future.
  • Laptops are more beneficial for research, data entry and functionality while tablets are better for multimedia, special education, apps and portability.
  • Most students, 70% to be exact, are using laptops, while only 27% of students are using tablets.

To see or download the infographic, click here.