Innovative Technology Offers an Economical, Student-Centered Path Forward

boy using PresenceLearning

When my nephews were little boys, my father dreamed of getting video phones so that his grandsons could get to know him from across the country. Separated by thousands of miles, they could only see each other a couple of times a year. Unfortunately, this technology was not readily available for the mass market in the mid-90s, and by the time videoconferencing technology like Skype became mainstream, the boys were grown and my father was long gone. What a blessing it is that military and other families who live so far apart can use this technology to affordably keep in touch in such a meaningful way.

Likewise, live, online speech and occupational therapy has come a long way in both quality and affordability since the first satellite video conference for speech therapy in 1979! As schools around the country continue to build blended learning into their curricula, it is important that technology for special education is not left out of the equation.

In his guest column for edtech digest, PresenceLearning co-founder and co-CEO Clay Whitehead explains how online therapy (also know as “telehealth” and “telepractice”) deliver on the promise of blended learning by providing highly individualized services to students with special needs, improving both outcomes and efficiency in the process. Read more here.