Kids Blog About Stuttering

We recently discovered the Kids Speak Stuttering Blog, a blog designed to encourage children with stutters to express themselves.

Here are some of the blog entries that we found compelling:

Entry 1:

Hello my name is D .H and i stutter sometimes i feel like i am alone but i know i got people who care for me .

Entry 2:

my name is sb and i stutter sometimes and i feel hurt .

Entry 3:

K.J.M 8th Grader
Stuttering is a habit,
Speech is not a game.
I don’t care what people say
Cause I have no shame.

People start to make fun of you,
I know it hurts deep inside.
So stand up for yourself,
You have nothing to hide.

James Earl Jones stutters just like me,
As you know they talk about him highly.
The future holds promise for students who stutter
And wish their voice would go to the gutter.
I believe in the world there will be a technology out,
that will give anyone with stuttering the fluency to talk;
like Mr. James Earl Jones.
So give a shout!

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