Lee Woodruff Discusses Her Family’s Experiences with SLPs and Audiologists

Lee Woodruff’s life was turned upside down in 2006 when her husband Bob, the co-anchor of ABC’s World News Tonight, suffered a traumatic head injury from a roadside bomb while reporting on the Iraq War. After his brain injury, Bob could barely speak or remember the names of his children. He endured months of intense speech and physical therapy and struggled to learn how to read and write again. The effort was worthwhile, though: Bob’s doctors say he is about 90 percent back to where he was before the bomb attack. In an ASHA podcast, Lee talks about her experiences caring for her husband. In particular, she discusses how important SLPs and audiologists were to her husband’s miraculous recovery. She says that she made sure Bob attended every speech therapy and audiology session because she knew that these sessions would help him return to normal life more quickly. A more detailed account of the Woodruff’s experiences can be found in the article Home Again at lohud.com.

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