NCLB and Outcomes for Special Needs Students

A recent story on Education Week’s blog, On Special Education, addresses a new report from the Institute of Education Sciences and what its data shows related to students with disabilities and making AYP. According to this story, the report looked at 37 states with relevant data and showed that 9 percent of public schools did not make AYP in the 2008-09 school year as a result of how students with disabilities performed combined with at least one other reason. It also stated that only 5 percent missed AYP in the 2008-09 school year solely because of the test performance of students with disabilities.

The article also shared an interesting hypothesis from the report – that if schools are held responsible for this student population related to state grading and rating systems, they will adopt improved instructional practices and improve the educational outcomes of those students.

The Institute for Educational Sciences has plans to issue an additional report that will focus on the relationships between accountability for this student subgroup and student results and school practices.

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