New Approaches to Aphasia Therapy


New Approaches to Aphasia TherapyChallenging Aphasia Therapies, edited by Judith Felson Duchan and Sally Byng,  introduces a variety of new approaches to aphasia therapy by breaking away from traditional models. Originally published in May of 2004, the book was ahead of its time in that it challenged and reassessed many assumptions that had previously been taken for granted within the field of study. The book is compiled of studies and opinions authored by a group of internationally renowned group of  aphasia experts that have sought out to learn about the disorder through a process of engagement.

Some of the topics covered in the book include:

-the role of context, culture and conversation in shaping and directing aphasia therapy

-the ethical issues that arise from the current tensions between market driven health care industries and the moral commitment to their client welfare

-the value of therapy by challenging the common notion that successful therapy is performance-based
Reviewers of this book have commented that it has enormous potential to shape the thinking on aphasia therapy and is written by some of the most influential authors in the world of aphasia. To sample a portion of the book please click here.

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