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Speech Language Pathologist

Well, this is interesting. If someone had told me two months ago that I would be writing a blog for the premier tele-speech and language service provider, I would have encouraged them to check their sources! But, here I am, happily ensconced in my new “situation”, doing what I love to do — moving words around in whatever format I have available!

I’m Jeanne Juenger (YENG’er),  a speech-language pathologist with 33 years of experience who’s having more fun now than ever before in my career!  Every day is a day bursting with opportunities to question, to learn, to study, to labor over and/or to just plain ol’ enjoy  as I wear a name badge identifying me as a speech-language pathologist.

I’ve worked in a number of settings but find the virtual setting (telepractice in speech-language) to be the niche in which I thrive. Since 2002, I’ve been on a quest to understand how we deliver dynamic, engaging and efficacious professional services at a distance to those individuals with speech/language impairments who are under- served or unserved.

When I’m not thinking about tele-speech, I’m kayaking on one of our many lovely State waterways, enjoying a cup of fine coffee, taking dominion over the organization of my house or coordinating the publishing team for my local church.

Meet me here often as we explore the wonderful world of human communication!

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