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Welcome Primary Support Person!

How Can We Support You?

We are excited that you have been chosen as your site’s Primary Support Person. Your role is crucial to the success of students receiving special education related services through PresenceLearning’s network of online clinicians. We want to help you understand more about PresenceLearning and your role, and how you can support your students at your site.

This website provides you with essential resources including videos and how-to-guides. Please bookmark this site so you can return here whenever you need something!

PresenceLearning and PSP Overview

We recommend first time visitors start with the PresenceLearning and PSP Overview video to get a better understanding of who PresenceLearning is and how we are playing a part in meeting the needs of students at your school. You will also learn more about your roles and responsibilities as a PSP and how to best support the students at your site.

View Video PSP Roles and Responsibilities

Equipment Setup

The Equipment Setup video will go over the different equipment required for teletherapy and detailed step-by-step instructions on how to install (or re-install) each piece of equipment in order to ensure your workstation is ready to conduct therapy sessions.

View Video How to Connect Two Headsets    How to Connect External Camera

Therapy Room

The Therapy Room video gives you a sneak peek into Presence Learning’s best-in-class therapy room so you know what to expect when you take your first student to a teletherapy session with a clinician.

View Video Quick Start Guide     Quick Start Guide (Spanish)

Troubleshooting and Getting Help

The Troubleshooting and Getting Help video defines troubleshooting terms and provides you with an overview of the troubleshooting process you should expect when Troubleshooting and contacting Support Services. Various method to contact PresenceLearning’s Support Services team are explained so you know how to handle any technical issues you may encounter.

View Video Quick Start Guide     Quick Start Guide (Spanish)

Psychoeducational Assessments

We recommend the Psychoeducational Assessments video if you’ve been asked to proctor a Psychoeducational Assessment. This assessment type requires additional equipment, materials and specific tasks for the PSP. Be sure to review other PSP videos before this section.

View Video PA PSP Roles and Responsibilities    PA PSP Training Guide   How to Password Protect a PDF

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