Online Access to Experts: A New World of Possibilities for Students with Autism

Recent statistics show that 1 out of 88 students are diagnosed with autism—and the prevalence of cases appears to be increasing. Fortunately, newer diagnostic tools and protocols help identify cases sooner and initiate earlier interventions, improving a child’s long-term prognosis. Children with autism are highly unique, needing a well-trained support team and teachers who understand their uniqueness and how to best help them grow and progress.

Local public schools may lack enough specially trained personnel to provide the appropriate level of individualized support needed by a student with autism. A recent story from explains how online tutoring could be a valuable additional resource for such students, providing live online access to experts for individualized instruction, support and coaching.

The vulnerabilities and sensory issues that students with autism can experience in large, noisy classrooms can be mitigated by using an online educator in a quiet place or using headphones that filter out noise. Because students with autism absorb information in highly unique ways, a specially trained online coach or instructor may be a valuable addition to their learning sessions. Such one-on-one tutoring allows the student to get the attention they need, perhaps while still participating in a classroom of their peers for group instruction as appropriate. To read the full Edudemic article, click here.

PresenceLearning, the leading provider of live online speech-language and occupational therapy services for K-12 students, provides interactive, web-based therapy sessions to thousands of students—many with autism—individually or in small groups. PresenceLearning’s network of nearly 400 therapists allows even the most remote school districts to give students with special needs unprecedented access to highly qualified, fully licensed speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists in spite of shortages of such professionals in their local areas. More information is at