Q&A with Dr. Rondalyn Whitney on Online Occupational Therapy

Dr. Rondalyn Whitney
Dr. Rondalyn Whitney
Assistant Professor of Occupation Therapy at the University of the Sciences

To gear up for our next SPEDAhead webinar on online occupational therapy, I sat down with second-time presenter Dr. Rondalyn Whitney to discuss the latest innovation in delivering occupational therapy services to K-12 schools. Dr. Whitney is currently an Assistant Professor of Occupational Therapy at the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

1. Why is it important for school administrators and the special education community to learn about online occupational therapy?
Occupational therapy  is a profession that can provide intervention in many contexts, home –school – community and even virtual. Having multiple opportunities increases access for students and opens the door to optimal outcomes.

2. What are some misconceptions about online occupational therapy that you believe are important to address and clarify?
Online occupational therapy does more than ‘hands on’; we are mandated to create interventions that are relevant to the context of the client in a way that meets their treatment goals.

3. What are some benefits of online occupational therapy that school administrators and occupational therapists may not be aware of?
Our profession ultimately provides interventions that bridge the gap between potential and performance of a client’s occupations. For a child, this would include academic, play/social and family/community participation. Online occupational therapy is an evidence based, science driven discipline and our national association (AOTA.org) provides an abundance of evidence based resources for families, teachers and administrators.

Online Occupational Therapy Webinar