Our Best Webinars and Videos of 2016 - PresenceLearning

This year nearly 30,000 special educators, administrators, clinicians, and parents watched approximately 340,000 minutes of PresenceLearning webinar and video content. Wow! Thank you all so much for tuning in.

If you are thinking about catching up on some PD or are just looking for some heartwarming stories from schools around the country, here is our list of this year’s “best of the best.”

Why Work with PresenceLearning? Our Clinicians Tell All.

Get to know some of the talented people delivering online related services and find out what they love the most about tele therapy.

Lost and Found: What Works (and What Doesn’t) for Behaviorally Challenged Students by Dr. Ross Greene

In one of our most popular webinars, Dr. Ross Greene unpacks the Collaborative and Proactive Solutions model and explains how it has reduced adult-child conflict, challenging behaviors, disciplinary referrals, detentions, suspensions, seclusion, and physical, chemical, and mechanical restraints in schools around the world.

Students Making Bigger Improvements with PresenceLearning

Kids are excited about online speech-language therapy at a rapidly growing Idaho school district, and the progress they are making toward their IEP goals is showing.

The Autistic Brain by Dr. Temple Grandin

This 2014 webinar by Dr. Temple Grandin continues to be one of our most popular year after year. A must-watch for anyone working with students on the autism spectrum.

Mississippi Students Making Gains with PresenceLearning Online Therapy

In this touching video, we follow the story of Nadeena, a Mississippi middle school student, and her mother, Noymi, who wants the best for her daughter who has Down Syndrome.

Results Driven Accountability: Where Were We? Where Are We? Where Do We Go Next? by Dr. Alan Coulter

We first welcome Dr. Alan Coulter in 2014, when he presented the answers to three key questions about Results Driven Accountability for every special education administrator. We invited him back in 2016 to take stock of progress on RDA, and to hear his thoughts for the future.

Students Speak Their Very First Words with PresenceLearning

In the years that we’ve partnered with a California school district, we’ve helped fill staffing gaps, brought more efficiency to the special education department, served edge cases, and have helped students speak their first words.

Getting Results with a Sustainable Multi-Tiered Support System by Dr. Kim Gibbons

MTSS is more than the latest “it” thing in education. When implemented with fidelity, schools see improved outcomes for students. However, this is not an overnight process. Dr. Kim Gibbons explains what is needed for the MTSS framework to stand the test of time in your district.

Murray County Schools Use PresenceLearning for Online Speech Therapy

Learn how online speech-language therapy has impacted schools, students, and families in a Georgia school district.

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