Overview: How Does Online Occupational Therapy (OT) Work? (Part 1)

By Rosemarie Helton

I’m sure most of you are asking “How does online OT work?” and “What is required to do online therapy?” In this blog post, I will provide some basic information about what equipment, materials and environments that are needed to conduct an online OT session.

To get started, the therapist and student need the following equipment and basic technology:

*Photo Credit - Kidshealth.org
*Photo Credit – Kidshealth.org

–  Mac or PC with Internet browser

–  High speed Internet connection

–  Web camera

–  USB headset with microphone

–  Technology support provided by PresenceLearning

There are various programs that can be used such as Skype, Adobe Connect or Go To Meeting, but the custom online therapy program designed, maintained and upgraded by PresenceLearning is the best online therapy platform. They have integrated audio and video with an interactive real-time tool that incorporates the materials and activities used during therapy sessions with scheduling and progress monitoring all built into one easy to use online platform.

Environmental considerations include:

–  Therapist and student comfort and safety

–  Confidentiality

–  Good lighting; natural light works the best

–  Appropriate size furniture and work space such as desk, chair, etc

–  Appropriate room size and space for gross motor and fine motor activities

–  Limited auditory and visual distractions

This covers the basic tools and materials that are needed for online OT, in my next blog post we will discuss personnel needed for online OT sessions. Stay tuned!